SALE - St Giles - 2 Champagne Flutes 215mm (Gift Boxed) (Seconds Quality)| Royal Scot Crystal

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These glasses are 'seconds quality' so may have bubbles and/or blemishes. They will not have chips or cracks.

St Giles is a hand cut crystal wine suite. The bowl is cut with a diamonds and fan design is classic and traditional in design and sits on a hexagonal stem and cut foot.

The beautiful Royal Scot Crystal St Giles Champagne Flute is perfect for the special occassion when a glass of champagne is just what is required. Also perfect for Proseccor or Cava. 

The traditional hand cut diamonds and fan design embodies the spirit of the glassmaker. 

Supplied in blue gift boxes

Glass Measurements

Height: 215mm

Width of foot: 69mm

Width at rim: 46mm

Capacity 170ml