Catherine - 1 Crystal Large Tumbler 95mm (Gift Boxed) | Royal Scot Crystal

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Gift Boxed 1 Large Tumbler Catherine

This beautiful crystal wine suite British hand cut with a cascading fuchsia design reflects the style for which traditional master British craftsmen became internationally renowned. The Catherine pattern is hand cut in the West Midlands the home of British crystal. Floral fuchsia intaglio cuttings have always been very popular in the history of British crystal. The cutting is similar to the well loved and best selling Stuart Crystal Cascade design which since the demise of Stuart crystal no longer available.

The Royal Scot Crystal Catherine Large Tumbler is perfect for a refreshing Gin and Tonic/other spirits with mixers, a large whisky with water and/or ice or just as a cut crystal water tumbler.

95mm high, 11oz, 33cl
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