Barley Twist - 2 Flower of Scotland (Thistle) Whisky Dram / Whisky Glasses 140mm (Gift Boxed) | Royal Scot Crystal

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Flower of Scotland Whisky Dram / Whisky Glasses 

These exquisite barley twist whisky glasses are a reproduction of a mid 18th century glass. The twists in the stem are created by the skilled glass maker by twisting the stem whilst the stem in a molten state creating a create a delicate twist design within the stem. Each glass is mouth blown and the stem formed by only highly skilled glassmakers. 

This beautiful whisky glass has a flared shaped lip and a tall bowl allowing the full depth and complexity of the sophisticated single malt whisky to be savoured and enjoyed perfectly.

The Flower of Scotland Dram Glass is perfect for drinking a dram of your favourite malt whisky, port, sherry or even a limoncello. Please glasses are hand made so glasses will vary. 

Hand cut in the UK with Flower of Scotland thistle design.

FLOWER OF SCOTLAND is a British hand cut range of giftware and stemware, expertly decorated with a flowing, intaglio thistle design. Hand cut by one of the most highly skilled intaglio craftsmen in the UK. Representing Scotland’s proud and historic heritage.

Supplied in blue gift boxes.

Height: 140mm Diameter 70mm Capacity: 2.3oz, 7cl


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