Glencoe - Single Whisky Tumbler 84 mm (Gift Boxed) | Royal Scot Crystal

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A beautiful deep cut classical diamond and fan hand cut design.

Glencoe is perhaps Scotland’s most famous, historic and most scenic glen. Glencoe is a village in western Scotland which lies in the steep-sided Glencoe valley, in the Scottish Highlands. The area is famous for waterfalls and the steep sided valleys which inspired our Glencoe design.

The Royal Scot Crystal Glencoe Whisky tumbler is the perfect glass for drinking neat whisky, with ice or with water or as a small crystal water/ fruit juice tumbler. If you prefer a larger measure or spirits with mixers then the Glencoe Large Tumbler may be more suitable. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates fine Whisky.

84 mm Capacity: 9oz, 24cl