Classic- Brandy Glass 130mm (Gift Boxed) | Royal Scot Crystal

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Beautiful and elegant British hand cut Brandy Ballon / Cognac Snifter glass.

Flower of Scotland is a British hand cut range of giftware and stemware, expertly decorated with a flowing, intaglio thistle design. Hand cut by one of the most highly skilled intaglio craftsmen in the UK. Representing Scotland’s proud and historic heritage.

Height 130mm Capacity 17oz, 50cl

Red gift boxes


Our balloon brandy glasses are a striking addition to a home bar or as a unique gift for a drinks connoisseur. They are ideal for enjoying the subtle aromas and flavours of brandy, Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados. The classic brandy glass is an essential glass for every home bar. The shape concentrates the nuances of the bouquet and the round wide bowl lies perfectly in the hand bringing the brandy to the right temperature. Brandy is the ultimate winter warmer. There is a plain honesty about brandy that is refreshing; no grand origins and no fancy traditions. Brandy has become the quintessential winter drink. The character of brandy is almost made for winter. The generous aromas, rich flavours and bracing warmth of brandy are a treat for the senses, enjoyed neat at room temperature or warmed, slowly with one’s hands in a beautiful hand cut brandy balloon.


A beautiful collection of classic shaped elegant crystal pieces The Royal Scot Crystal Classic Decanters and glasses are made from the finest crystal but simple and classical in design to suit every purpose. The clear and simple designs complement the drinks and enhance the experience of drinking fine wines and spirits.